Tuesday, January 3, 2012

United by Running’s world headquarters has expanded by two feet!

Cathy CarterCathy Carter has joined United by Running in the capacity of Logistics Coordinator. Her extensive race experience, attention to detail and amazing organizational skills is a welcome addition to the United by Running team.

Cathy was such a book worm growing up that when she first started running no one thought she would stick with it. It was only after her third half marathon that her mother stopped asking her if she finished! Of course, she has finished every race she has run and has gone on to run five marathons (including three Boston Marathons), at least 10 half marathons, and several other races ranging from 5K to 10 miles. After pacing her partner in the Leadville Trail 100 this summer, she is slowly getting bitten by the ultra bug and aspires to run a 50K within the next 2 years. Although she regularly places in her age group, awards and competition are not what get her out the door: Cathy runs because it helps her cope with whatever life throws at her. No matter how bad the day has been or how stressed she is, running in the one thing that she can do for herself.

As much as she loves tying up her shoes, Cathy derives almost as much enjoyment from giving back to the running community. For the past five years she has put her enthusiasm and organizational skills to work lending a hand wherever she is needed. She served as a member of the Run Nova Scotia board for four years and coordinated the of their Annual AGM and Awards Banquet in 2010 and 2011. She has also been heavily involved in planning the Dartmouth Natal Day Road Races and has lent a hand at many a race in the province. This summer, she also helped as a group leader with the inaugural Learn-to-Run Clinic with Heart & Sole Running Inc. Cathy is also a very active member of both Dartmouth running clubs (Fast Company Running Club and Heart & Sole Running Club).

For Cathy, helping others see what running can add to their life is nearly as rewarding as running itself. Cathy is thrilled to help launch these exciting new races.

Get ready Nova Scotia... you haven't even seen the eye of the storm yet!