Thursday, January 17, 2013

Courage to Give Back

The Courage To Give Back Awards recognizes extraordinary individuals who have shown great courage in surmounting personal hardships and have gone on to give back to their communities and families.   Michelle Kempton was presented with the Courage To Give Back Award at an annual fundraiser on Thursday, January 17, 2013.  All proceeds generated from this event went directly to support and enhance Family SOS programs and services.

Brave Heart

Michelle Kempton is the force behind the Heart & Sole Running Club, a club she began last year to encourage runners of all ages to live a healthy lifestyle. After her twins were born, Michelle went to the doctor who told her she was morbidly obese and would be lucky to live to 50. She was 285lbs. It was at that precise moment that she decided to change her life. "I realized that if I didn't start running, I would probably die." She says. Michelle lost a total of 120 lbs, and credits running as the catalyst for a major psychological change in her self-esteem and approach to life. Today, healthy and fit, Michelle teaches hundreds of women how to run. Regardless of weight or age, Michelle motivates them, is positive, and acts as "the little voices inside their head" to help them to think positively about themselves and to help them understand how truly strong they are.